Domestic Water Pressure

Did you know that the water pressure in you house, according to AS/NZS 3500:1, should be a
maximum of 500Kpa. In most areas you will find that the pressure coming into your house will be below
this. However in some areas like Byford, Treeby and suburbs at the bottom of the hills the inlet water
pressure can exceed that and that can mean problems for you plumbing system.

Some of the issues you may experience could be:
– Water hammer
– Burst pipes
– Leaking taps
– Noisy valves
– Wasted water
– High water bills
– Reduced life of fittings and plumbing components
– Excess wear and tear on hot water systems
– Burst flexible hoses

Not only could you experience these problems you will also find that many manufacturers will not
warrant their products and could, as a result, be very costly should a failure occur. It may even affect
you house insurance should, for example, a flexible hose bursts and damages wood floors, carpets or

We check the water pressure at every job we go to. This ensures that our customers will have a
plumbing system that continues to work as efficiently as possible and with much lower risk of failure. If
we find a system that is over pressurised we can rectify this simply by installing a pressure reducing
valve at the water meter.

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