Smelly Gas Heater

Quite often, come winter time, when everyone is pulling out their gas heaters to stay warm over the
winter period I get several complaints that their heaters are giving off a gassy smell. Most of the time it
is not unburnt gas that is causing the smell but probably the dust from a years with of hibernation
burning off. Generally, you should have you heater serviced every year when you pull it out of the
cupboard and before you start using it.

The heaters are specifically designed with small injectors and airways to insure correct and complete
combustion. When they gather dust, they can get blocked and can cause incomplete combustion and a
product of this is carbon monoxide. With these portable heaters the productions of combustion (and the
products of incomplete combustion) are emptied directly into the room we are using them. And so this is
why it is so important to ensure they are cleaned before use each year.

Here are some tips to know if you need your heater serviced.

– Funny or unusual smells
– Large lazy yellow flames
– Heater not lighting properly
– Noisy burners
– Heater shutting off prematurely
– Dusty filters

There are a couple of thing you can do to keep the inside of your heater a clean as possible. You can be
sure to keep the filters on the back clean and ensuring that the floors are kept a dust free as possible
when the heater is in use will help. Especially if you have hard floors.
Unfortunately the only way to properly clean the heater is to take it apart to access the important parts
such as the burners and injectors.

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