Leaking Toilet

Have you ever noticed that you have water running into the pan of your toilet. There are two main
causes for this. Either the outlet washer has perished and water is passing by it, and it’s seating,
through into the pan or, the inlet valve is not shutting off correctly and the cistern is filling too much
causing water to overflow down the internal overflow, again through to the pan.

This is one of those leaks that is hard to spot as you never have any signs if water anywhere. It can be
very wasteful and costly when you receive you water bill.

Both of these problems can be fixed with a simple repair but it is always worth considering the age of
your toilet and cistern. Sometimes when changing the outlet washer, the old one has perished so much
that it has adhered itself to the seating. So when you put a new washer on it, it will still leak after. If you
cistern is old sometimes it can be more economic to replace it with a new one then all of the parts in it
are new.

If you are unsure if you have any leaks in your house there is one simple test you can do. Got out to
your water meter and make a not of the reading. Got back in and wait for 10-15 minutes (be sure not to
use any water in this time) and the go back out and check it again. If the dials have moved it means you
may have a leak somewhere.

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