Gurgling Drains

Have you ever wondered why your drains gurgle when you flush your toilet or you empty the bath or

You may think that your have nothing in them when you are not disposing of your water down them. Oh
how you would be wrong. In actual fact they are full! Full of air. When you flush your toilet the water that
goes down the drain is displacing the air. It is important that as well as the water being able to move
freely down the drain, the air can also move freely in the opposite direction.

When your drains are partially blocked the air in your drain cannot move correctly in them. It may seem
that your drains are working properly because you empty your sink or flush you toilet and the waste
disappears with no problem at all. But because the drains are partially blocked when you empty the
waste down them they completely fill up and move down the drain. Because the air cannot move up the
drain that is being displaced by the water it instead is pulled down with the water. This is why you get
the gurgling because it is pulling on the water seal in the traps and pulling air into the drain.

Eventually the drain will completely block up (probably on a Friday or public holiday). So if you hear
your drains gurgling its best to get ahead of it and have them cleared before that toilet starts to fill.

A common blockage in older homes are at the kitchen sink. When. Get a call saying that their kitchen
sink is blocked the first question I ask is, “Is your kitchen the opposite side of the house to the
bathrooms?” The majority of the time the answer is, “yes!”
When our dishwashers empty or we rinse our plates the hot water melts the grease and washes it down
the drain. As the water flows down the drain it cools quite quickly. When this happens the oil and grease
solidifies and this is what blocks the drain.

I advise my customers to help reduce this they can run hot water for 5-10 minutes down their kitchen
sink or use caustic crystals to break down the grease in the drain.

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