Luke warm water

If you wake up in the morning, go to have a shower and you find that you only get Luke warm water,
there are a wide range of things that it could be. But lets start with the most common.

Most people currently have a storage hot water unit. On the left hand side of the unit (usually) there is a
tempering valve. These valves are installed to protect the user from scalding at the outlet of sanitary
fixtures. They work by mixing the outlet hot water with cold water. Inside these valves are moving parts
which can deteriorate, become faulty and get stuck. If this happens it will stop mixing the hot and cold
water correctly and generally you will only get Luke warm water out of your taps.

Of course this is one of many things it could be. But there is one really easy way to test this…

And yes of course I will tell you. On the top right hand side of your hot water unit is your HT55 safety
relief valve. On this valve you will find a little lever. When you pull this (which you should be doing at
least every 6 months anyway) water will exit out of the pipe connected to it. If this water is the required
temperature then we know that the unit itself is working correctly and it must something after the unit.
That something, 9 times out of 10 is the tempering valve.

They can sometimes be serviced and repaired but if the valve is failing then its is recommended that it
be replaced as it is probably quite old and spending money to service it could be uneconomical.

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