Leaking shower taps

Does your shower head constantly drip even though you have changed the washers?
Your taps screw into a breech which is installed within the wall. When you close you tap down the
washer closes against a seating inside the breech. Once the breech in the wall becomes old it can
deteriorate and the seatings can become damaged. They develop cracks on the seating surface so no
matter how many times you change the washer the water will still past through the small crack.

But if you are experiencing this problem, don’t stress, there are a few solutions!!

The first thing to try is to cut down the seating to remove these cracks or chips. This is done using a
special tool that screws into the breech. Once the seating has been ground down the the breech must
be flushed through to ensure that any small pieces of metal are removed. You then need to run your
finger over the seating to check that the cracks or chips have ben removed. You can then replace the
washers and this should then fix that annoying leaky shower head.

If the seating is too damaged or it has already been previously ground down to nothing then at this
stage we need to install a new stainless steel seating. We use another special tool to cut a thread on
the inside of the outlet hole. Again the breech must be flushed of any swarf. We can then screw in a
new stainless steel seating for the washer to close against. This should give your old breech a little
more life.

Lastly if your breech is so far gone that neither of these work then there is no other option than to
remove some tiles chip out the breech and install a new one. It can be a costly exercise but at least you
know you will not have that problem again for a good 20 or so years. Hows that for piece of mind?

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