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    Blocked Drains in perth? Leave It To Us!

     Blocked drains in Perth can be a source of major inconvenience and frustration. It’s a nightmare to deal with and can be challenging to resolve on your own.

    That is why we strongly advise contacting a plumbing professional to take care of your blocked drains in Perth. Not only will the blockage be unclogged faster, but it will also involve less hassle.

    A big part of this will be the skill, experience, and equipment that our plumbers will bring to the job. The drain is inspected to identify the exact cause of the problem before it is resolved.

    Allowing a professional to do the drain clearing and unclogging ensures efficiency and safety. You won’t have to worry about possibly damaging your plumbing or property either.


    At Woolf Plumbing & Gas our plumbers in Perth follow a strict procedure for both residential and commercial properties, to ensure your plumbing is working again in no time. Our drain repair plumbing services include:

    Chemical or physical unblocking
    Pipe replacement
    Drain Cleaning

    Woolf Plumbing & Gas prides itself on providing drain repairs and unclogging services to guarantee customer satisfaction. Leave it to us and we can remove the blockage while leaving your blocked toilets, sinks, pipes, and everything else in pristine condition.

    Our team of qualified and licensed plumbers will make short work of drainage issues. So be sure to give us a call and we’ll do our best to assist you with any of our plumbing services.

    Why Use Professional Services for Unclogging Blocked Drains?

    While there are drain unclogging products sold in the market, all of them carry a certain level of risk to your plumbing. These risks can cause permanent damage to your pipes and make an even bigger mess.

    As such, it would be highly recommended to take advantage of what professional drain cleaning can offer, which includes:

    • Preventing future clogging.
    • Preventing injuries.
    • Preserving pipe longevity.
    • Guaranteeing complete unclogging.
    • Producing more reliable results.
    • Providing more useful inspection details.
    • Addressing other issues like bad odour and bacterial contamination.
    • Saving you time and money.

    With our licensed and fully qualified team of plumbing professionals, Woolf Plumbing & Gas can guarantee complete customer satisfaction. So get in touch with us now for all your blocked drains in Perth.

    Main Concerns With Unclogging Blocked Drains

    There are a number of concerns related to unclogging Perth blocked drains on your own. These can range from your safety to the actual value of your home. As such, it would be advised to avoid unclogging severe cases of blocked drains by yourself.


    Otherwise, you could be dealing with the following issues:

    • Damaged pipes
    • Incomplete or half-finished declogging
    • Pipes get clogged up again too soon
    • Using the wrong or harmful chemicals
    • Removing the blockage but leaving the bacterial contamination
    • Wasting money with repeated attempts at unclogging

    Chemicals are a particularly problematic issue due to the effects they could have either on the pipes or on you. 

    You need the right equipment to deal with the fumes, for example, or risk damaging your nose, eyes, mouth, throat, and lungs. 

    Some chemicals will also cause pipes to corrode, build up excess heat, or even cause the clogging to get worse depending on the type. As such, you must rely on expert advice or experience to avoid a disaster.

    It’s possible that you could literally do more damage that would then cost more money to fix compared to simply leaving the repair job to the professionals. So be sure to contact Woolf Plumbing & Gas right away when your drain starts clogging up.


    We’re Just a Call Away! Contact Us For Top Notched Blocked Drain Unclogging & Repair Services in Perth

    Why Woolf Plumbing & Gas is Perfect For Your Blocked Drain Unclogging Emergencies

    Your choice of the plumbing service provider to unclog your drain could have serious consequences when you choose wrong. It could risk your safety, your property, and so much more. 

    When you call for a declogging service to unblock your drain, it would be ideal for them to meet the following criteria:

    Long years of operation

    Licensed and approved plumbers

    Skilled and trained professionals

    An efficient and dedicated team

    Properly equipped and adequately supplied

    Woolf Plumbing & Gas is all of these and more. We can unclog your drain, protect your home investment, keep you safe, and prevent blocked drains from coming up again too soon.

    We are fully committed to making sure that you can enjoy more than a few months free of blocked drains, foul odours, bacterial spread, and damaged properties.

    Our team of professional cleaners can also deal with blockages in pipes and drains of any kind. This includes the bathroom, the kitchen, storm drains, and more. 


    Are blocked drains considered to be a health hazard?

    Blocked drains can cause bacteria to build up and spread, which would then adversely affect your health. Anything that you prepare on a surface that is close to it that you will then put inside your body would be at risk of contamination.

    When should I have my drains unclogged?

    As soon as you notice that water and other liquids are taking too long to drain, you need to act immediately and contact a plumbing service. This will stop the problem from getting worse, which could pose a risk to you and your property.

    Will a plunger unclog a blocked drain?

    If the blockage is temporary, a plunger can work just fine. If the problem has become too severe, the only thing that a plunger will do is alleviate the symptom. It won’t address the issue at the root.

    What are the signs that my drain is becoming clogged?

    You will notice that water is slow to drain and that residues are more difficult to get rid of. In the case of toilets, the water will keep backing up instead of going down all the way. Sometimes, the pipes and the drain will also make gurgling or sucking noises while expelling bad odour.

    What are temporary drain unblocking measures?

    The most immediate solution that will temporarily resolve your blocked drain problem is using a plunger. This will help with getting the water to drain out if it has begun to stagnate. This will then give you enough time to call a professional to take care of the problem permanently. 


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