Leaking shower taps

Does your shower head constantly drip even though you have changed the washers? Your taps screw into a breech which is installed within the wall. When you close you tap down the washer closes against a seating inside the breech. Once the breech in the wall becomes old it can deteriorate and the seatings can

Luke warm water

If you wake up in the morning, go to have a shower and you find that you only get Luke warm water, there are a wide range of things that it could be. But lets start with the most common. Most people currently have a storage hot water unit. On the left hand side of

Gurgling Drains

Have you ever wondered why your drains gurgle when you flush your toilet or you empty the bath or sink You may think that your have nothing in them when you are not disposing of your water down them. Oh how you would be wrong. In actual fact they are full! Full of air. When

Leaking Toilet

Have you ever noticed that you have water running into the pan of your toilet. There are two main causes for this. Either the outlet washer has perished and water is passing by it, and it’s seating, through into the pan or, the inlet valve is not shutting off correctly and the cistern is filling

Smelly Gas Heater

Quite often, come winter time, when everyone is pulling out their gas heaters to stay warm over the winter period I get several complaints that their heaters are giving off a gassy smell. Most of the time it is not unburnt gas that is causing the smell but probably the dust from a years with

Domestic Water Pressure

Did you know that the water pressure in you house, according to AS/NZS 3500:1, should be a maximum of 500Kpa. In most areas you will find that the pressure coming into your house will be below this. However in some areas like Byford, Treeby and suburbs at the bottom of the hills the inlet water