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General Domestic Plumbing and Gas

Woolf Plumbing and Gas is your professional plumber with the experienced team that takes pride in providing a service that our customers keep coming back to and refer onto family and friends. Our team always present clean and tidy and ready to provide assistance in the areas of:

Blocked or slow moving drains
Dripping taps
Pipe breakage or leaks
All wet area plumbing and maintenance
Wet area renovations – kitchens, laundry, bathrooms and powder rooms
Exterior plumbing issues around the home


Our Promise – Woolf Plumbing will always deliver an exceptional service level and workmanship. Our team will deliver what is needed and leave the site clean. They will communicate with you throughout the process. They adhere to stringent guidelines and are fully trained in the relevant regulations and legislation.

Domestic Hot Water System Replacement and Service

It’s so easy to forget how much you rely on having hot water pumping through your pipes. From cooking, cleaning and most importantly that hot shower.

Hot water systems are not that complicated, however when something goes wrong Woolf Plumbing and Gas knows you need it fixed or replaced as fast as possible.


Hot Water System Replacement Perth

Call 0405 266 441 (Hot water system repair/replacement)

Domestic Hot Water System Maintenance

Effective maintenance for hot water storage tank systems is pretty easy, and can double or triple the effective lifespan of your hot water system.
If you would like an annual check up on your hot water system that could extend the life and reduce the expense of a hot water system replacement, contact Woolf Plumbing and Gas.
We’ll even show you how to do it yourself for future checks.

Call 0405 266 441 to get your plumbing or gas issue resolved

How does our ‘Assessment Fee’ work?

Woolf Plumbing and Gas charges a $60 assessment fee.

This fee is necessary to assess your individual plumbing or gas situation and the best way to resolveit. Once the issue is investigated a quote will be provided prior to start.

Call 0405 266 441 to get our team to you


Firstly, if you smell gas at home please follow these instructions:

  1. Don’t smoke
  2. Don’t use any electrical appliances
  3. Avoid operating light switches or mobile phones
  4. Move away from the area

In Western Australia natural gas leaks are managed by the state’s network operator – ATCO GAS

If you suspect a natural gas leak, contact ATCO GAS on 13 13 52 (This is a 24/7 phone number)



What to do if you have a major water leak:

  1. Locate your external water meter. Located at the front of the property.
  2. Turn the tap clockwise. This will stop water flowing through the pipes.
Call Woolf Plumbing and Gas on0405 266 441 to get our team out to you as soon as possible.

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