What is my call out fee?

A customer pays a call out fee for a plumber to literally just turn up to your door. We don’t have that here at Woolf Plumbing. We will come out and provide a profession assessment on your plumbing problem and then provide and upfront, no surprises cost to solve that problem for you. We charge $60 for this assessment however if you want to go ahead with the work that is quoted for you then you don’t even pay that assessment charge. You just pay for the work on completion. This allows our technicians the time to work out the best possible solution for your situation.

Do we do bathroom renovations?

Yes we do bathroom Renovations. Through our large contact sphere, we have a team of other tradesmen available to us so we can provide a full “start-to-finish” bathroom renovation experience without the costly management fees you often get from bathroom renovation companies. This allows our customers to save $$$s on their renovations.

Why are my drains gurgling?

Gurgling drains are a sign that they a becoming blocked up. They gurgle when air cannot move around the pipework correctly as a fixture releases its waste down them.

I have a storage hot water unit, is it worth converting to a continuous flow?

The new continuous flow hot water units are very efficient. They have a range of sizes to cater for all family and house sizes. They also have the benefit of never running out of hot water. If you are thinking of changing from a storage to a continuous flow then you will most likely need to have a gas upgrade too. These units require a larger gas pipe and most storage units only have a 15mm copper supply to them. This will certainly be the case if you have only low gas pressure to the house. We can however request for a gas pressure upgrade from you gas supplier which could save in costly pipework upgrades so its best to always speak to a professional so we can provide the best possible solution for you.

How much do we charge per hour?

We do not have an hourly rate. All of our prices are fixed, upfront and per item. Like choosing from a menu. This way no matter what tech that comes to your door you will always pay the same price for the same job. By pricing per item, this allows us to provide discounts for additional items carried out on the same day.

Do we work on gas?

Yes, we do a kinds of gas work from installation through to service and maintenance of gas hot water units, heaters and cooking appliances in both the domestic and commercial industries.

My water bill is high, does that mean I have a leak?

If you have a high water bill the is certainly a sign of a water leak. The best thing to do first is to check for dripping taps or running toilets. You can then check the safety valves on your hot water unit. If those seem to be ok look for water damage or wet patches on the ground. A sure way to tell if you have a leak to to check for those thing first and if you cannot see anything ensure everything is off in your house and then go check the dial on your water meter. If it is spinning then you know you are loosing water somewhere. Also if you have a high water bill we can contact the Water Corporation and reclaim some of that lost cost to you. This can only be done by a Plumbing Contractor however, which is why it is always best to call in the professionals.