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    LEAKING PIPES? We leave no leaks left unfixed

    When you have leaking or burst pipe, it can lead to some serious problems that could be even more expensive to deal with. 

    They can cause your water bill to rise, for one thing, which could severely impact your finances. There is also the damage that it could do to the flooring, walls, and objects placed under the pipes.


    A leaking or burst pipe can also encourage bacteria and mould to breed, which pose a significant health hazard. For all these reasons and more, contacting Woolf Plumbing & Gas would be highly recommended to fix the issue.

    Doing so will allow us to:

    Inspect the pipes

    Find the source/s of the leak

    Assess the damage

    Draft plans for repairs, cleaning, or replacements

    Produce an estimate of the costs

    Check for hidden issues

    Prevent future leaks

    Ignoring leaking pipes or a water leak can lead to devastation throughout your household. Our team of licensed professionals can ensure that you get reliable pipe repairs at the best prices.

    Why Leave Pipe Work To The Professionals

    Calling plumbing professionals to fix your water leak or leaking pipes is recommended for your safety and peace of mind. For one thing, a competent plumber can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

    There will be less of a mess. The inspection, repairs, or replacements are done properly. You will also find that there will be fewer delays due to backtracking and mistakes.

    Doing the repairs yourself can result in even more hassle on your part if you’re unfamiliar with the right parts, tools, techniques, or signs to look out for.

    Professional plumbing services will also come with the right equipment for detection, maintenance, cleaning, and leak prevention. Many of the tools used by professional plumbers are expensive due to their specialized designs and uses.

    The pipe leak repair cost will also be lower because a competent plumber will nip the problem in the bud. This curbs all potential future issues that would be caused by the leak.

    The Risks that a Leaking Toilet Pipe may Pose

    Higher repair costs and water bills might seem like huge concerns regarding leaking pipes, but they are just the beginning. Too many people underestimate just how utterly dangerous leaking pipes can be.


    Some of the biggest risks include the following:

    • Brittle, rotting, or weakened flooring, walls, or supports
    • Health risk due to water contamination
    • Dizziness, nausea, and vomiting due to bad odour

    If the leaking pipe is connected to the sewage system, the problem becomes even more concerning. This is why contacting a professional plumbing company is important. Detecting the source of the leak and the harm it can do is a service that is on offer.

    Get in touch with Woolf Plumbing & Gas and our team of plumbing experts will make sure that you never have to worry about those threats again. 

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    Why Woolf Plumbing & Gas is Perfect For Fixing Leaking Plumbing Pipes

    A problem like leaking pipes is too big to entrust to anyone other than a competent professional. Our team of experienced personnel at Woolf Plumbing & Gas are more than capable of handling jobs of any size.

    Our services are available to both residential and commercial properties. With our leak detection equipment, we can help you understand what the problem is, what is causing the leak, and what the pipe is for.

    This can help prevent unfortunate accidents involving the wrong pipe and its nasty contents. 

    We provide transparent quotes and we value your time as much as ours. As such, we make sure that the job is done quickly and with as few delays as possible.

    Our leak detection equipment is also world-class and properly maintained. This makes detecting leaks and collecting data much easier, faster, and more cost-effective. 

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    When should I call for a pipe leak repair or inspection?

    While it may make sense to wait for a leak to have your pipes inspected and then repaired, it would be better to schedule periodic inspections for your property’s plumbing. Once a year would be an acceptable timetable for newer homes, but older buildings might require more frequent checks. Consulting a plumbing service provider would give you a better idea of how frequent the inspections need to be.

    Can’t I repair pipe leaks myself?

    Leaking pipes like those under sinks are easy enough to fix since they are accessible. However, many others are not and can be a challenge to even get to. You might need specialized equipment to do so and finding the sources of the leak can be problematic. Professional plumbers, however, do possess the necessary skills, experience, and gear to find the leak, fix the problem, and do so in a timely manner.

    Why are special leak detection tools necessary?

    In many cases, leaking pipes are only noticed when they show visible signs. However, there are also a lot of times when the leaks are not easily spotted. This is where special devices are used to detect those leaks wherever they may be. This will then allow plumbers to address the problem directly and prevent the leak from causing further damage.

    What does the inspection of leaking pipes involve?

    The easiest way to detect leaks in pipes is to use electronic devices specifically designed to do this. These devices can locate the source of the leak via frequency sensors. Other details are picked up, as well, include the pressure in the pipe and the contents within. Those are all checked to provide clients with an accurate picture of the issue.

    Do I need to have a leaking pipe inspected after I unblocked it?

    A leaking pipe that was recently clogged up will need an inspection even more due to the risk it poses to the integrity of the pipe and the potential for contaminants. A blocked pipe can be the right environment for bacterial growth. If it is leaking, the bacteria could spread even further. Even after it was already unblocked, it could get clogged up again, thus repeating the cycle. 


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