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Annual Plumbing Health Check 

Stay Safe & Save Money.

    Did you know, it is recommended to get an annual plumbing health check?

    A plumbing health check will save you money, ensure your appliances and hardware don’t break –
    but most importantly, it is an important step in safeguarding your family and property.

    What do we
    look at?

    We will give your plumbing and gas a seven-point check for how all your plumbing is performing so
    you can have the peace of mind that you are saving money and are protected.

    Plumbing Health Check

    Check 1: Leaking inlet & outlet valves on your toilet.

    With some toilet cisterns, when one thing goes wrong you find that something else will go wrong shortly after. The result can be having to have a major service or replace the whole cistern completely. The typical things that go wrong with your toilet unit include; it constantly filling, water running into the pan, water spilling onto the floor and buttons sticking.

    Proactively checking for these issues is important as it will identify if you are unknowingly wasting water, driving your water bill higher or ruining your toilet completely.

    Check 2: Stiff & leaking taps.

    You use your taps everyday. But how often do you check them? By checking all the taps in your house, we can make sure they are operating properly and won’t result in expensive replacements later down the line.

    One the most common issues we see is the washers not being installed properly and a result, wearing out quickly. This is because they are not ‘seated’ properly. If they are not seated correctly, not only will they wear out faster, but the tap itself will get damaged and need to be replaced

    You can avoid this with a routine check to ensure they are in good working order.

    Plumber Fixing A Pipe Under The Sink
    Woman Fixing A Blocked Drain With A Plunger

    Check 3: Blocked & partially blocked drains.

    A blocked drain is one of the most common problems in plumbing. If it’s as simple as a blocked toilet, it can be cleared with a plunge. However, many times, there may be an underlying problem that has caused the blockage. This will need to be addressed with greater importance. Examples of blockages include; tree roots growing through the drain, grease, incorrect installation or damage to the drain itself.

    In these cases, a professional is required as the use of a drain machine or jetter will be required to unblock and clean your drain. These machines will clear the blockage and get rid of any grease or tree roots within the drain.

    In addition, the advantage of a professional is that we will be able to have a camera inspection after all drain cleans to determine the cause of the blockage. This way we can fix the problem to proactively ensure there are no blockages resulting in much more complex and expensive work down the line.


    Woolf Plumbing & Gas can take care of your issues with blocked and clogged drains and complete the work to your satisfaction.

    We will make sure that your kitchen sink and bathroom drains are free of any debris that causes clogging.


    Check 4: Correct working of
    mini-stops & rusty flexi hoses.

    One of the biggest home insurance claims in Australia burst flexi hoses. If the braiding on the hose becomes rusty and frays, it will no longer contain the rubber hose within it. As a result, they quite often burst in the night when the pressure is higher. This means, flooding is more common to occur while you are asleep!

    Not only is this an inconvenience, it is incredibly costly. We can help you avoid this by routinely checking your hoses and installing our burst proof flexi hoses today.

    Check 5: Dishwasher connections.

    A poorly installed dishwasher will reduce the life of the unit. Most homeowners are blissfully unaware that their dishwashers are installed incorrectly. It is critical that the waste water for the dishwasher be run in a certain way to ensure the hose stays clear and to reduce strain on the discharge pump. If not installed correctly, it can be a silent money waster as the unit will not run at optimum capacity.

    Hot Water Unit

    Check 6: Hot water unit checks.

    A well maintained hot water unit has many benefits. The first and most important is for safety. A hot water unit that is dirty and is burning incorrectly will produce Carbon Monoxide. This gas is poisonous and can put your family in danger. For this reason alone, a regular check is critical.

    Second, there are many safety devices on your unit and they all have a job to do. It is important that they are checked on a regular basis to ensure they are working correctly.

    Finally, looking after your hot water unit will also increase its lifespan. A well maintained unit can last for 20 years+. That is compared to the average 8-12 years that a unit that has had no maintenance carried out will last.

    Check 7: Water Pressure:

    There isn’t much better than a nice powerful shower. But, this can come at an expense. Did you know that water pressure to a domestic house should be 500kpa. Pressure exceeding this will put excess strain on all the fittings and fixtures within the property reducing the lifespan and in most cases, void the manufacturer’s warranty. High pressure is the most common cause of burst flexi hoses and water hammer.

    Let us check your water pressure to avoid this.

      At Woolf Plumbing & Gas, we specialise in routine plumbing health checks to ensure your plumbing is in its best possible condition. Let us help you proactively safeguard your family, save on your water and electricity bills as well as major repairs costs.