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Having high water pressure at home offers several advantages.

It can ensure a great showering experience, make appliances work more efficiently, and help reduce water bills as faucets and taps do not need to be kept on for long. Water flowing at excessive pressure can also prevent debris from accumulating in the plumbing system, reducing the chances of blocked pipes.

Water Pressure Burst Pipe

However, you can only enjoy such advantages if the pressure remains within reasonable limits. When this pressure becomes too high, many problems can occur, such as leaks, appliance damage, and even putting the entire plumbing system under considerable strain.

Such problems are unpredictable and can occur anytime, and you may not be sure about which problems might occur. That’s where this guide can come in handy. Here, we’ve answered some common questions, including whether excessive water pressure can damage a pipe. So, let’s begin!

How Does Water Pressure Affect Pipes?

In homes, the maximum recommended water pressure is 500 kPa, and pressure higher than that has a higher chance of causing problems.

Pvc Pipe Burst High Pressure

Water that flows at high pressure continuously has a high chance of eroding plumbing pipes and other fixtures very quickly. It can also reduce the life span and performance of faucets, sinks, washing machines and toilets. Extremely pressurised water can even cause leaking of the plumbing fixtures since their stoppers cannot prevent the water from forcing its way through.

High water pressure also results in the water hammer effect. Usually, when water fixtures with regular water pressure are turned off, the air chambers within keep the pipes protected when the water stops. However, in cases of highly pressurised water, the effect of these chambers is negated by the water hammer effect.

This causes damage to essential water pipe joints, fixture heads and valves. Also, apart from the failure of such fixtures, high water pressure can lead to pipes bursting when they cannot contain the water. Generally, this happens where the joint of the water pipe is the weakest.

While an experienced plumber can repair these, it is better to avoid such damage in the first place.

Other Problems Due To High Water Pressure

Besides causing damage to your home’s plumbing system, high water pressure can cause other problems. Even if the pipes do not burst, they may start to leak, leading to the wastage of a large quantity of water. Leaks can also lead to other problems, such as mould growth and structural damage, which can result in high monthly bills.

Pipe Seal Breaking

Also, continuous high water pressure can affect the working of appliances like water heaters and dishwashers and even shorten their life. Similarly, plumbing problems like a running toilet are common in households with extremely high water pressure. This is caused when the fill valve becomes damaged due to the high water pressure.

Identifying High Water Pressure

Identifying High Pressure

Certain signs can indicate a high water pressure problem. And paying attention to such signs can save a lot of hassle later on and help address issues before they become too severe. Some of the ways by which you can identify high water pressure issues include:

1. Using A Home Water Pressure Gauge

A home water pressure gauge monitors the pressure of the water that flows into your home, making it easy to know the water pressure. If it shows that the pressure is too high, you can adjust the pressure or call a plumber to do the same.

2. Leaks Near Pipes And Other Fixtures

If you find any leaks from faucets, taps or other fixtures, the water pressure in the area is extremely high. In that case, calling a plumber is a good idea.

3. High Water Bills

If your water bills are high, even with minimal water usage, it may indicate the problem of high water pressure. In such cases, do not wait to call a plumbing professional, as that can only cause the pipes to erode and the problem to worsen.

Don’t Let Water Pressure Cost You!

High water pressure can lead to several problems, and a burst pipe is just one of them. Leaks, appliance malfunctions and other issues can all be prevented if they are detected timely. And with the techniques mentioned above, detecting the problem well in time can be possible.

While some of the problems caused by high water pressure can be solved on your own, most will require the skills and experience of a professional plumber. That’s why it is always a good idea to have a reliable plumber’s contact number handy. For expert plumbers in Perth who can assist you with water pressure, pipe damage and plumbing emergencies, call us! The Woolf Plumbing & Gas team can help you identify the issue and provide a fast and affordable solution!

With that, it’s a wrap. Goodbye!

Ashley Woolf

Ashley Woolf

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