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Have You Got A Blocked Toilet in Perth?

A blocked toilet is a common nightmare for any homeowner. From the gross visual to the nasty odour- fixing a blocked toilet is challenging. If done incorrectly, the situation can worsen and lead to more plumbing problems.

However, the worst part about a blockage is that sometimes, it is not evident. For instance, you could notice slower water flow or hear water trickling in the tank while the toilet does not show any sign of blockage. So, when the toilet is blocked, most often than not, the situation has reached the stage when no amount of hot water or DIY chemical concoctions can help.

Hence, blocked drain plumbers believe in letting the experts do what they’re best at. Only a trained and experienced plumber knows how to fix your toilet once and for all with long term solutions. And, we’ve got plenty of them! With our fully licensed team, you will get nothing but the best from start to finish.

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What Causes A Blocked Toilet?

There are multiple culprits behind a blocked toilet, and only an expert can accurately pinpoint the root of the problem. However, the most common cause of clogged toilets is too much toilet paper that gets collected in the pipes. Although most brands claim to be biodegradable, the paper takes some time to break down, so flushing too much of it can easily cause blockages.

Other major deterrents of your toilet and drain pipes are hygiene products like wet wipes, makeup removers, sanitary napkins, and so on. These products are not flushable, and thus, you should always keep a bin in the bathroom for proper disposal.

Sometimes old pipes can get damaged due to corrosion, wear and tear, temperature changes, and more. This stops the sewer drain from functioning efficiently, resulting in blocked drains or toilets. The situation often worsens if you get hard water supplied to your home. This is because hardening minerals can settle inside the pipes and solidify over time. Our fully licensed plumbers use the latest drain clearing technology and high pressure water jetters to remove toilet clogs effectively. Our Perth plumbers also offer emergency plumbing services for urgent toilet drain unblocking needs.

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Woolf Plumbing and Gas offers professional blocked drain cleaning and drain repair services from competent plumbers to assess the plumbing issues carefully and provide permanent solutions that last. Plus, our prompt customer service and response time ensure that your plumbing problems are always attended to and solved in time. Our fully licensed blocked drain plumber has extensive knowledge of your drainage system and can quickly and efficiently unclog your toilet for residential and commercial clients.

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