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Is the water in your sink not draining properly? Have you tried home remedies, and it is not working?

Many people face this common problem, meaning they may need to hire a professional plumber. Your plumbing system is complex and hard to access. Once you have tried home remedies and they are not making a difference, it might be time to call a plumber. Otherwise, you might risk damaging it permanently and needing renovation.

Plumbers Unclog Sink Drains

Professional plumbers have special tools and an understanding of the complexity of draining problems. Therefore, they can fix your sink problems quickly and perfectly. However, before calling plumbers, you should know how they unclog and prepare yourself.

These are some of the ways professional plumbers unclog sink drains.

6 Ways Plumbers Use To Unclog Sinks

1. Pipe Inspection

Plumbers need some information before they can start unclogging your sink. As such, the first thing a plumber will do to unclog is inspect the blockage. By doing that, they will know where the problem is and what they need to clear up.

Unlike a leakage, a blocked drain needs internal inspection. To do that, plumbers will probably take a pipe camera and try to get a visual of the internal plumbing system. They will manoeuvre a camera connected to a cable inside your clogged drain to get access to parts they cannot reach.

2. Using A Plunger

Once the plumber knows the problem, it is time to try fixing it. If the blockage is not too complicated, they can fix it with a plunger. He will first create a suction that will render pressure on the blockage and release it. This easy fix may work, but they will bring out other tools if it does not.

Baking Soda Vinegar Drain

3. Trying A Drain Snake

The blockage in your sink drain might be a stubborn one located deep in the plumbing system. For that, your plumber will use a tool called a drain snake. There are both manual and motorised drain snakes, and depending on the complexity of the clog, the plumber can use either one.

A drain snake is a long cable with a corkscrew-like ending. Plumbers manoeuvre it through the opening of the pipes and push through the blockage. The motorised version is similar to the manual drain snake but can come either with a cable or without it. Plumbers use it to fix bigger drains, giving them more power to push through.

4. Cable Cleaning

Cable cleaning uses a machine with a spinning blade at the end of a cable. This machine can cut through most clogs, and the blade removes any residue that might get stuck to the drain wall.

Cable cleaners come in two variations- a sectional and continuous or drum cable. Plumbers prefer the sectional machine with its shorter 15-foot cable, which is lighter and works quickly. The constant cable gets bulky with its 25-100 feet cable, but it also has its use. As the sectional machine is shorter, the constant cable can reach deeper into the pipe.

Drains Snake Bathroom

5. Hydro-Jet Pressure

Hydro-jet water pressure can be another way your plumber will try to unclog drains. Many believe it is the most effective way to clean the toughest clogs. This tool sends high-pressure water into the clogged drain and can push through clogs. Furthermore, it can remove any residue on the wall of the clogged drain. It can clean the clogged drain and prevent any future clogging.

6. Hair Cable

One of the most common reasons for clogged drains is hair. As you wash your hair in the sink, shower, or shave your beard, the hair collected gets tangled and can cause blockages. Plumbers have a specific tool for such problems called a hair snake. It comes in various sizes and is usually made of plastic.

Unclog Your Sink Drains Today!

Now that you know how plumbers unclog sink drains, you should call professional help based on your problems. Many plumbing companies provide quick and easy services and can be called anytime.

As such, Woolf Plumbing and Gas in Balcatta Perth is a service provider specialising in plumbing work. We have a highly experienced team to help with commercial and residential drain clogs. Our unclogging service includes inspection, pipe replacement, drain cleaning, decontamination and more.

Before we conclude, we’d like to suggest ways to prevent future clogging of your sink drain. After you fix the drain, do not use your sink as a trash can and throw large bones or other items down it. Pouring oil or grease down the drain should be avoided, as it can harden as it cools and clog the drain. Use vinegar and baking soda once a month, as they work as a natural drain cleaner to reduce the chances of bigger blockages.

Ashley Woolf

Ashley Woolf

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