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Bringing home a water filter is more than just drinking clean water - effectively utilising the sink or counter space, reducing expenses, and staying safe.

Although all water filters might appear similar, they vary in their performance and the quality of the components used in the unit. That’s why choosing a water filter relevant to your family’s demands is easier said than done.

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Simply checking whether the filter removes impurities isn’t enough. To truly gauge their effectiveness, you must know the filtration method, storage tank capacity, material used, cartridge type, etc.

How To Choose The Right Water Filter

Choosing the best water filters for your home comes down to several factors, which we have highlighted below and explained in detail.

Wall Mounted Water Filtration

A. What Is TDS?

TDS or Total Dissolved Solids refers to the number of dangerous compounds like inorganic salts and organic matter present in the water supply that can affect human health. Most contaminants that constitute the TDS rating in mg/litre or parts per million (PPM) include:

  • Magnesium
  • Hydrogen carbonate
  • Nitrate anions
  • Calcium
  • Potassium cations

Drinking water quality is considered safe when the TDS value is below 200 ppm. But even then, it would be best to purify the tap water through a house water filter for safety. Meanwhile, groundwater can have a TDS value between 200 and 3,000 ppm.

B. Types Of Water Purifiers

Now that you know the TDS value, let’s look at how different water filters work and remove volatile organic compounds to improve water quality.

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1. Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis water filters are high-quality drinking water filters that remove contaminants quickly. But on the flip side, the filtered water you get is barely 1 gallon from a supply of 3 gallons, resulting in higher expenditure and more wastage.

Also, a reverse osmosis water filter runs on electricity, and you won’t get clean drinking water when the power goes out. Additionally, reverse osmosis systems may sometimes remove beneficial minerals.

2. Whole House Water Filter

Whole house filters remove heavy metals and help eliminate chlorine from the water. But a full house water filter isn’t quality compared to other water treatment systems. Investing in a high-end water filtration system for removing contaminants would be best.

3. Under Sink Water Filter

Under-sink water filters can supply filtered water in a pitcher and the entire house. Connecting it to the bottom of the sink allows it to be installed in various places, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

4. Countertop Filters

A countertop filter is easy to install and doesn’t take up space underneath the sink. Plus, with the water filter hooked directly to the supply line, you won’t have to refill the filter container constantly. The best part is that maintaining countertop filters is convenient and requires no special tools.

5. Shower Filter

A water supplier often adds chlorine to disinfect water, which may remain in the shower. This is where a shower filter prevents chlorine absorption through the skin and hair while making your skin soft. It could also improve immunity by reducing the chances of widespread contamination, but nothing has been conclusively proven.

6. Carbon Filter

The filter system’s most common disinfection method is a carbon water filtration system. For water filtration, manufacturers use peat, bituminous coal, and coconut shells to attract industrial effluents and other chemicals to the surface of the activated carbon. This helps remove contaminants and unhealthy compounds more effectively, with water suppliers also using this technique for producing bottled water.

C. Storage Tank Capacity And Types

After finding a suitable water filter, ensure it has sufficient storage capacity based on your needs. On average, every person consumes 2-4 litres of water daily, so you can calculate the family consumption to opt for the correct unit.

Along with storage, think about the material of the tank and whether you want a plastic or steel unit. Some tanks feature food-grade durable plastic, while others use stainless steel for a whole-house water filter or other models.

The material is essential because storing the water for a long time should keep it free of bacteria and germs. Steel is better than plastic, providing a stronger physical barrier against impurities.

D. Warranty

Replacing Water Filter Warranty

Some filters produce hot and cold water by properly installing your filter and plumbing fixtures, but they cost more. But most importantly, you should check the warranty of the filter cartridge and book timely maintenance services to remove as many contaminants as possible.

Most filters have a 1-year warranty on the main product and a 6-month warranty on various components to guarantee smooth water flow, consistent water pressure, and clean drinking water. But brands often offer more extended warranties for water treatment methods, like ultraviolet light, to remove inorganic compounds and other contaminants.

E. Customer Service And Maintenance

Fresh Water Poured Glass

As a rule, always check the customer service offered by your preferred brand and read the reviews to know about other people’s experiences. Ensure the company filters water using the latest methods and responds promptly to consumers' queries.

Also, research their range of services and how soon they respond to repair replacement and maintenance requests. It would be wise to book an annual maintenance service for changing the filters and cleaning the machine’s internal components to stay safe.

Finding Your Perfect Fit: A Guide To Choosing The Right Water Filter

Leaving water filters uninspected for too long or using the same unit for several years may result in you consuming unfiltered water as the various components wear out. When booking maintenance or repair services, ensure the company follows the eco-friendly practice of any environmental working group in Australia.

Also, before buying any unit, you can consult the brand representatives to know how their filter eliminates naturally occurring impurities from the water. Most importantly, keep this guide handy, and you should be able to make the right call!

Whether you’re looking to install a water filter or schedule a maintenance appointment, our Perth plumbers are dedicated to providing healthy, filtered water to Perth residents. So, call us today to speak with our water filter experts in Perth!

Ashley Woolf

Ashley Woolf

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