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Tired of drinking tap water or spending hundreds of dollars a year on bottled water? A water filter system is an excellent solution!

By installing a water filter at home, you eliminate impurities, contaminants, chemicals, and bacteria that you and your family might otherwise consume. Together with our team, we will find the best water system for your needs.

In most homes, water filters are installed in kitchens for drinking, cooking, and cleaning. However, you can contact our team about installing a filtration system in your bathroom, laundry rooms, or commercial spaces.

Our Perth plumbers will supply and install the necessary lines and fittings to keep your water filter clean, hygienic, and functioning properly. All you have to do is contact us at Woolf Plumbing & Gas!

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Whole House Water Filter

Benefits Of Installing House Water Filtration Systems

If you are looking to move away from plastic bottles, a water filter is a great option for an environmentally friendly way to consume clean and filtered water. Apart from that, there are many other health benefits of a clean water filtration system including:

  • Better taste and smell of your drinking water
  • Removes chemicals, impurities and harmful contaminants which can cause skin and health issues
  • A cleaner source of water that is free of sand, grit, heavy metals and dissolved minerals
  • Improved water quality can extend the lifespan of your plumbing system and hot water heater
  • Installing a whole-house filter will increase the warranty of some tapware

What Are Water Filter Systems?

Water filter purification systems come in several different types depending on your preferences and the size of your property. The water filter is directly connected to the main water supply and passes through two filters:

Particle/Sediment Filter

The first is a particle or sediment filter that removes finer particles. Water sediment filters function through mechanical filtration, which means they physically prevent sediment from entering your water supply. The pores are too small for particulate matter to pass through, but they allow water to flow freely. In a whole house filtration system, sediment filters are often the first line of defence, since they prolong the life of carbon filters and water softeners, or ensure UV systems operate at their best.

Carbon Filter

In addition to removing chlorine from water, carbon filters also eliminate its chemical taste and smell. Municipal water supplies use chlorine to kill bacteria in water and in pipes. While still safe to drink, chlorine smelling and tasting water is unsettling. Carbon filters not only improve the taste and smell of your water but also ensure its safety. If you use a carbon filter, you can be sure that you are not consuming harmful chemicals from your tap water, since pesticides and herbicides are also significantly reduced.

UV Filter

UV filters also kill bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, and agile, but they are not standard features in a whole house filter.

Water Filtration System
Kitchen Water Filter

Maintenance & Servicing Water Filters Perth

Although Perth water filters don't have to be serviced, they do have to be changed approximately once a year.

There are two ways to tell when the filters are full: either you have reduced flow (because they are full) or the chlorine taste returns.

During the first year, this is likely to occur; however, following that, you will know when to change your house filters and when to replace them. If you are not sure whether your filter needs changing, please reach out to our Perth plumbers! We also can assist you with your commercial water filtration systems.

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Would you like cleaner, fresher water? It's time to install a water filter!

To speak with our team, you can call us at (08) 6555 7757. Our professional plumbers serve many areas of Perth and its surrounding areas, so you can choose a time convenient for you.

We are happy to assist you if you aren't sure what type of water filter system you want in your home. You can rely on our experienced and qualified plumbers to help you choose the perfect filter. Besides plumbing, we also offer many other services, so if you need anything else, just let us know.

You can enjoy pure and healthy water in your home with the help of our team, so get in touch today!

Carbon Water Filter

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