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Are you looking for a better alternative to purified or tap water?

Since the Big Bang and evolution, water has played a crucial role in our lives since it is a critical component that keeps us alive. Our bodies depend heavily on water, and there’s no telling what would happen if water were to run out or dry up.

We understand the importance of clean drinking water since it has various health benefits. However, most people often confuse purified water with filtered drinking water.

Filtered water is usually clean and ready for daily consumption, making it ideal for everyday drinking. On the other hand, purified water must be treated before consumption; hence, filtered water is much safer for the body.

With this in mind, we have listed all the benefits of filtered water to make it easy for you to decide!

Benefits Of Filtered Water

Man Filling Glass Filtered Water Kitchen Tap

1. Has Antioxidant Properties

Unlike purified water, filtered water has the potential for antioxidant properties, which are incredibly effective in reducing cell damage. Generally, filtered water’s antioxidant properties are usually measured by the amount of oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) present in water. On that note, it is recommended to use filtered water with low levels of ORP.

In addition, some filters are designed to reduce the overall oxidation levels in the water, which makes it safe and ideal for the body. Besides this, antioxidants can either be natural or synthetic.

2. Helps In Making Better Tea And Coffee

As adults, we depend on coffee and tea, which helps us stay active and energetic throughout the day. Nevertheless, the taste of tea and coffee can improve using filtered water. Usually, purified tap water contains heavy metals, chlorine and limescale, which can harm the body.

For instance, the limescale sediments from tap water can build up in the teapot or coffee kettle while brewing. Also, various tap water contaminants can alter the flavour of your coffee or tea, making them less effective. In contrast, filtered water is free from contamination or solvents; therefore, filtered water tastes much better in your tea or coffee than everyday tap water.

3. Helps In Weight Loss

If you are finding a way to lose weight, drinking filtered water can be your ideal choice. Filtered water is free from impurities and dangerous contamination (unlike tap water); therefore, you can drink as much as you want without worrying about any side effects or diseases. And you can expect it to last for many years as long as you keep it clean and serviced.

For best results, we recommend drinking a minimum of 3.7 litres a day for men and 2.7 for women, as it helps burn the body’s excess fat and reduce your appetite.

4. Has Skin Health Benefits

One of the most important ways to care for our skin is by keeping it hydrated and drinking water throughout the day. And drinking plenty of water can help improve your skin’s quality. Since filtered water has less contamination and impurities, it can enhance the skincare routine.

Apart from consuming it, you can also use filtered water to clean your skin. The antioxidant properties and water quality work on the damaged skin cells and prevent them from decaying further. Additionally, your skin will feel softer and hydrated.

5. Can Help in Reducing Cardio Stress

Reducing the cardio stress in the body is essential for those who regularly perform cardio exercises since it can hamper the muscles in the long run. Working out excessively can stress the cardiovascular system; therefore, drinking plenty of alkaline filtered water is recommended.

According to research, alkaline water filters can reduce the intense stress on the cardio after an intense workout. Besides this, alkaline filtered water can lower blood lactate levels and cardiorespiratory pressure while increasing the power of the upper body.

6. Eco-friendly And Budget-friendly

On average, a person uses around 156 plastic bottles yearly, and each bottled water can cost about $3. If you do the maths, an average person spends about $468 on plastic water bottles, often thrown away once the water is consumed. In addition, you can’t recycle some bottles, which hampers nature in the long run.

Investing in a BPA-free water container and a tap filter pitcher can reduce plastic bottles and save a few extra dollars. Also, it helps to keep the environment green since it reduces the need for plastic bottles.

7. Improves The Digestion Process

In general, filtered water has an enhanced ability to retain healthy mineral deposits and content, allowing it to improve your digestive system. These healthy minerals blend with the nutrients from the food and circulate throughout the body, providing you with the required nourishment.

Similarly, it reduces the time to digest soluble fibres and makes the digestion process simple and smooth. Hence, you bid farewell to indigestion and a bloated stomach.

Pouring Filtered Water Coffee Mug Kettle

Why You Should Install A Water Filter

This concludes our comprehensive and informative guide on the benefits of filtered water. As mentioned earlier, water is an indispensable element of our life. Hence, taking care of our health is necessary by drinking the right water but consuming fewer harsh chemicals.

Installing an alkaline or reverse osmosis water filter allows you to enjoy the benefits of filtered water without compromising your health. Similarly, some water filters have an RO water filtration system to add more minerals for added health benefits.

Remember, it is always best to consult a licensed plumber before installing a water filter. So, if you need a plumber in Perth, speak to our team!

That said, we bid you goodbye. See you next time.

Ashley Woolf

Ashley Woolf

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