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Undetected leaks in home plumbing systems can cause immense property damage. A steady drip from a small pipe rupture that goes unnoticed for days can flood walls and subfloors, leading to mould growth and rot.

Burst pipes or cracked water heaters can unleash hundreds of litres, ruining furniture, carpeting, and valuables when no one is home to intervene. According to the QLD Government, a bad household leak can waste up to 18 buckets of water a day. This not only causes structural issues but results in exorbitant water bills.

Fortunately, advancements in leak detection technology provide a solution. Aquatrip is an automatic system that constantly monitors your home’s plumbing for leaks and shuts off water when abnormal flow is detected.

This revolutionary device is installed on the main water line entering your home. It has sensors to track exact water usage and flow rates and can distinguish leaks from normal water flow events. Once a suspected leak is identified, Aquatrip immediately closes the main valve to stop further damage. This provides 24/7 monitoring and protection, preventing catastrophic water emergencies, property damage, and wasted resources.

Aquatrip System Components

The core component of the Aquatrip system is the main valve unit, which is installed on the home’s main water supply line where it enters the house. This contains an electronically controlled shut-off valve and an integrated flow meter sensor.

The flow meter uses advanced metrology to measure exact water usage continuously. Aquatrip recognises normal flow rates for showers, sinks, appliances, etc. The flow meter tracks pulses of water usage over time to calculate the flow rate in gallons per minute. Even tiny changes get detected.

Aqua Trip Device

If flow rates exceed learned thresholds for typical usage, the main valve will automatically close without delay. This shuts off the main water supply to stop further leakage downstream from the identified rupture.

Optional secondary shut-off valves can also be installed at major water-use appliances like washing machines, dishwashers, and toilets. These connect via a wireless signal to the main Aquatrip unit. If the main valve closes due to a leak, the secondary valves will also close automatically to isolate the leak.

With both main and secondary valves, only the specific section of plumbing with the rupture will have the water flow shut off. This prevents having to shut down the whole house’s water supply if the leak location is identified. The closure of secondary valves is another layer of leak protection.

Constant Water Flow Monitoring

Its sophisticated and precise flow monitoring capabilities are at the heart of the Aquatrip system. The flow meter sensor tracks water usage on a continuous basis, learning normal flow rate patterns in the home over time.

When first installed, Aquatrip will go through a calibration period to establish baselines for typical water usage at various times of day and night. Flow rates will vary widely based on household activities. Aquatrip analyses these patterns to differentiate normal versus abnormal flows.

Aqua Trip Works

The flow meter measures usage in small intervals to calculate flow rates in gallons per minute. This allows for very accurate data points and trend analysis. Even subtle spikes get detected and recorded.

With accumulated metrics on standard water usage, Aquatrip can quickly identify flow rates that are above learned thresholds during a particular time of day. Abnormal flows are flagged as potential leaks requiring investigation.

For example, if water flow at 2 AM is detected at 5 gallons per minute when typical overnight usage may only be 0.5 GPM, Aquatrip will recognise this spike as outside normal parameters. The system can distinguish regular usage patterns from flows indicative of new plumbing ruptures.

This constant monitoring and analysis allows Aquatrip to catch leaks when they first occur rather than only after major flooding results. The precise flow measurements are key for prompt detection.

Automatic Shut-Off of Water

When the Aquatrip system detects abnormally high water flow, indicating a likely leak, it automatically takes action to intervene.

The primary response is for the main electronically controlled valve to close immediately. This stops all water flow into the home via the main supply line. By cutting off the water at this chokepoint, no more can flow through the downstream location where the rupture occurred. This prevents many additional gallons of water from leaking out of the compromised pipe or fixture.

Aquatrip will send a wireless signal to close these if secondary valves are installed on larger appliances. This further isolates the suspected leak location between the main valve and secondary valves, now closed on both sides of the ruptured pipe. Sandwiching the leak prevents damage from spreading beyond that section.

In addition to the automatic valve closures, Aquatrip employs various mechanisms to alert homeowners so the leak can be visually inspected and resolved. These may include audible alarm tones, flashing LED indicator lights on the main unit, and push notifications to smartphones via the Aquatrip mobile app. This urgency helps homeowners investigate promptly.

Potential Leak Investigations

Once Aquatrip has closed valves and stopped water flow due to detecting abnormal usage, the next step is to investigate the source. The homeowner can visually inspect appliances, pipes, and supply lines between the main valve and any closed secondary valves for signs of leakage.

Check under sinks, at water connections behind toilets or washing machines, and along any visible pipes. Look for water dripping or pooling in these areas to hone in on the leak location. Thoroughly inspecting the zones bracketed between closed valves helps narrow down the source.

If a leak is confirmed visually, the affected section of the pipe or fitting will need replacement to address the rupture permanently. For leaks in difficult-to-access areas, it may be wise to call a plumber for a thorough investigation using pipe cameras and other techniques. They can pinpoint the exact location more definitively.

Once the leak is identified and resolved with repairs, the Aquatrip system can be reset to restore normal water flow throughout the home. The leak protection technology has done its job to prevent major damage.

Additional Capabilities

Leak Detecttion Aqua Trip

The Aquatrip system offers various additional capabilities for home leak protection and water monitoring.

The system can be monitored remotely via a smartphone app. Homeowners can receive alerts, check system status, and view water usage reports from anywhere. The app provides real-time tracking of flow rates and 24/7 visibility.

Historical water usage data can also be viewed in the app, with graphs and daily, weekly or monthly trends. This allows homeowners to analyse water consumption patterns over time.

The app can set adjustable flow rate thresholds to customise leak detection parameters for the specific home. For example, higher flow allowances could be set for families that use more water.

App connectivity also enables remote operation. Homeowners can manually activate Aquatrip to shut off water even when away from home. This adds security and peace of mind.

With mobile integration and data-driven insights, the Aquatrip system provides comprehensive monitoring and control of home leak detection. Advanced diagnostics and adjustments further optimise the technology’s protection capabilities.

Protect What Matters Most with Aquatrip

Trust the leak detection experts at Woolf Plumbing & Gas to install Aquatrip systems that safeguard your home and provide peace of mind. With several years of serving households and businesses in the Perth area, we have unmatched experience selecting and integrating smart water monitoring technology like Aquatrip.

Contact our professional team today if you need an upfront inspection of your plumbing system or want a quote for whole-home Aquatrip installation. Let Woolf Plumbing & Gas handle all your leak protection needs so that you can prevent water damage and wasted resources. Safeguard your valuables with proactive monitoring from Aquatrip leak detectors - call Woolf Plumbing & Gas to get started.

Ashley Woolf

Ashley Woolf

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