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Bathroom renovation is a significant project that’ll cost you both money and time. So, it’s better to plan to get the show on the road.

The bathroom redo price bracket can range from a few thousand dollars to high-end premium costs, depending on your lifestyle and available budget. Hence, it would help if you were smart while financially investing in a bathroom renovation. Consider your daily bathroom requirements and lifestyle before undertaking a bathroom renovation project.

However, it might take hours of research to find the right materials and bathroom fittings to fulfil your bathroom needs and fit the budget. And that’s why we’re here to offer you a lending hand with our professional guide to bathroom renovation. We’ve covered everything from shower fittings to bathroom tiles in this article.

So, without any further ado, let’s roll up our sleeves and get on with it!

Determine Your Requirements Before Renovating

It’s best to sort out your bathroom requirements before you can take out the sledgehammer and start tearing down the old bathroom design. Your new bathroom design and fittings will depend on your lifestyle and daily needs. So, talk to your designer to discuss your requirements before finalising any contemporary bathroom design.

What’s your daily bathroom routine? What’s your available budget? How much storage space do you need in your bathroom? It would help if you jotted down the answers to these questions for developing a feasible and efficient bathroom renovation plan. Once you’ve determined your needs and requirements, it’s time to begin the planning and designing process for the remodelling work.

Shower Or Bathtub Basics

The first thing that attracts you to a bathroom design is its shower or bathtub. A freestanding bathtub can add significant value to your house if you have enough room. But, if you have limited space, a small bathtub and shower combo can be the best way to go.

So, let’s discuss the best enclosure options for a shower-tub combo that can be a perfect fit for your new bathroom. We’ve discussed some of the significant elements below.

1. Curtains

If you have kids in the house, a soft and flexible curtain makes it easier to bathe them than a glass door enclosure. Also, it’s easy to change the curtains if you feel like remodelling the bathroom shower design.

Clear Shower Curtain Shower Bath

2. Glass Doors

Glass doors make the bathroom shower look more spacious than a temporary curtain enclosure. You can also add pretty hardware and metal grids if you plan to install a complete shower frame while renovating the bathroom. But, a framed shower with glass doors will vastly increase the renovation cost.

Glass Shower Door Bathroom Remodel

3. No Doors

A frameless shower is a more affordable option with no doors if you’re running on a tight budget. You can go for waterproof floor surfaces and a central drain to make the doorless shower work beautifully without worrying about any splashing.

Door Shower White

4. Thermostatic Shower Valve

With the perfect shower enclosure, you’ll also need to choose the right fixtures for your shower during the bathroom renovation. In this context, a thermostatic shower valve can be the best option to maintain your bath water temperature.

It automatically adjusts hot and cold water and offers an ideal showering experience. However, installing a thermostatic shower valve can cost a few hundred dollars, so it’s best to plan your renovation budget accordingly.

5. Showerhead

You don’t need to remodel the entire bathroom when you can change the showerhead. We understand that a complete bathroom renovation can be a lot of work, so you can replace your old showerhead to avoid that trouble. You can easily install a good showerhead without any profound plumbing changes.

Know The Materials

It is essential to know the materials you need for your renovation. So, in this section, we’ve highlighted some of the materials you can use for remodelling your bathroom.

1. Natural Stone

It is the most sophisticated and elegant material for your bathroom surface that can offer a unique aesthetic appeal. If you apply the right sealant, natural stones will work perfectly in the wet bathroom environment. But, installing any natural stone in your bathroom can be a costly affair, so it essentially comes down to your personal preferences and estimated budget.

2. Tiles

Tiles are arguably the most popular bathroom surface and are pretty affordable. They’re highly durable in wet environments and equally stylish like natural stones. You can get tiny tiles like hex and penny at a highly affordable rate, making them more popular than natural stones for the bathroom.

3. Wallpaper

You can use wallpapers in the bathroom, but you must be careful about their placement. Keep the wallpaper away from the splashing range, and it can look beautiful in your bathroom. Also, ensure proper ventilation to keep the bathroom dry, and the wallpaper can last for a long time.

Storage Options

What’s the point of renovating the bathroom if you don’t create enough storage space to keep your daily bathroom amenities? And that’s why we’ve discussed some excellent storage options that can make your new bathroom design much more practical and effective. Let’s take a look!

Storage Options Bathroom Renovation

1. Inside The Shower

Bathrooms don’t usually have ample storage space, so a shower niche can help keep all necessary shower products. You can install some shelves or buy an already precast shower niche for your bathroom to make enough storage space.

2. Bathroom Vanity

When installing a bathroom vanity cabinet, you can go for the high-end custom-made vanity or the more affordable store-bought models. It can be the best storage option for your newly renovated bathroom.

3. Wall Cabinets

If you’re interested in installing a large vanity cabinet, you can always go for wall cabinets with a modern and minimalist design perfect for small bathrooms. Mirror cabinets, floating shelves, hooks and towel racks, or a linen closet can offer sufficient storage space in your bathroom.

If you have limited floor space, install some floating shelves in the corner wall or use a mirror cabinet. You can also go for a linen closet if you have enough floor space in the bathroom.

Refurbishing Your Bathroom

Like we’ve said earlier, taking on a complete bathroom renovation can be a mammoth task. You need to consider the budget, the time, and daily bathroom needs to plan the entire project.

Our professional renovation guide has helped you better understand the various elements to consider when remodelling a bathroom.

We suggest you sit with your architect and contractor to discuss every detail of the renovation plan before starting the construction work. In that way, you can avoid any roadblocks during your bathroom reconstruction.

We can provide you with expert advice if you are planning a Perth bathroom renovation, so speak with the team at Woolf Plumbing. Whether you need new fixtures or pipelines, or you want to upgrade the ones you have already, we have your needs covered!

And with that, we bid you farewell. See you next time!

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