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Why a professional drain inspection is essential

Imagine this scenario: you wake up in the middle of the night and dash into the bathroom, only to see that it has transformed into an unwanted swimming pool. Your toilet overflowed sometime after you went to bed and, worse, there is this foul smell that just won’t disappear.

Clogged drains are one of those common household inconveniences that show up at an inopportune time. With daily use, drains in the sink, tub, toilet and shower are bound to get clogged at one time or another, despite your best efforts to clean them.

Causes of drain blockage and home remedies

According to plumbing experts, the main culprits of drain blockage are hardened grease and oil, hair and food wastes. But soap residues, mineral and solid wastes, toilet paper buildup, dirt, silt and small objects can all contribute to a blocked-up drain as well. Add to these toothpaste scum, cotton balls, debris from makeup and cosmetics, leaves and even tree roots. The list is endless.

Of course, there are easy hacks to help you deal with this household issue. DIY approaches include using a plunger, a chemical drain cleaner, and kitchen ingredients such as vinegar and baking soda. You can also use tools such as a drain stick and a plumber’s snake.

However, home remedies may not totally eliminate the problem. Slow water drainage and waste clogs may remain. Rusting and bad odours from the pipes can occur. Although you may consider these minor issues, if left ignored for a long time, these can result in leaks, moulds and floods, which translate to costly emergencies. In short, clogged drains can spell disaster not only to your home but also for your wallet.

Benefits of a professional drain inspection

Therefore, it is vital that you schedule a regular drain inspection to maintain the health of your drainage system and avert water damage. And there are several reasons why you need a professional to do this.

Right solutions – Professionals are equipped with technology not easily found anywhere. They employ drain cameras to quickly uncover problem spots and utilise drain-cleaning tools such as power snakes, hydro-jetters, sink machines and root cutters to clear buildups and obstructions from pipes entirely.

Safe procedure – DIY fixes may cause more harm than good to your plumbing system without you even realising it. Thus, it is wise to call on a professional to help.

Savings in time and money – Routine drain inspections can catch problems early on before they become a major crisis. Whether you have clogged pipes, overflowing pipes or leaks, a plumbing expert will be able to fix all these. This, in turn, saves you time and money spent on future upgrades and repairs.

Longer lifespan – Drainage systems last longer with routine care. Regular visits by professionals prevent sudden breakdowns and reduce expensive damage.

Peace of mind – When you hire an expert, you are guaranteed a thorough job. With their skills, experience and the right tools, they are able to accurately diagnose issues and address them accordingly.

A professional drain inspection may be the least of your concerns right now, but don’t you think it’s about time you put it at the top of the list? While taking preventive maintenance measures (e.g., being careful of what you put down the drains) goes a long way, investing in routine drain cleaning services protect you from extensive damage cost and potential health risks.

Remember, well-maintained drains equal a healthier home and a healthier you.

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