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Are you sensing something wrong in the bathroom in your business premises but cannot identify the issue? 

Firstly, know that you’re not the only one. The actual problem can be difficult to understand for any business owner initially, as several issues might arise due to different faults in the plumbing system. 

And often, you might not be able to recognise the signs of such problems easily. But then again, it’s essential to pinpoint what’s wrong in the bathroom to prevent major problems in the long run. That’s why we’ve tried to make things easier for you by compiling this guide to the ten most common problems with commercial bathrooms. 

So, let’s get into it!

The Most Common Commercial Bathroom Problems

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1. Reduced Water Pressure

A faucet that’s barely trickling or a toilet that’s hardly flushing indicates that the water pressure in the bathroom pipelines is low. Apart from these, there are various other signs of this problem, such as failures in the boost pump and old or malfunctioning water fixtures. 

But this problem might be the consequence of a greater plumbing issue such as the breakage of a water line or the build-up of sediment in pipes. Hence, make sure you don’t ignore the problem even for a moment and take adequate steps to fix it efficiently

2. Drain Blockage

There’s no denying that people tend to handle the sinks of commercial bathrooms carelessly, though those at home are used with care. As a result, dirt and other particles flow down the drains more often in any commercial establishment. 

This issue can often cause the drain to be blocked either partially or entirely, which can naturally affect your customers’ impression of your business. 

3. Running Toilet 

Problems with toilets are widespread in bathrooms of commercial establishments. Among these, one issue is when the toilet leaks each time it’s flushed. The leak might occur in the form of small drops or a major outflow, depending on the blockage in the toilet. 

Note that such an issue requires immediate attention to prevent extensive damage. Apparently, it might seem like a “small” problem, but if left unattended, it can lead to a lot of water wastage. This will not only lead to a hike in your water bills but may also clog the bathroom, especially when the septic tank is full. 

A full septic tank will cause the water to overflow, giving rise to an unbearable smell and resulting in major structural problems in a commercial establishment.

Toilet Running In Commercial Building 

4. Silent Leaks

At times, pipelines can leak behind walls continuously and silently, without people noticing it. This silent leakage is sure to increase your water bills, so you need to contact a reliable plumbing service immediately if you notice any such inexplicable hike. They’ll be able to locate the leak and act on the root cause of the issue accordingly. 

Silent leaks can also cause bad odours to linger in the surroundings, which might even spread to other rooms. And in case it’s the bathroom of a hotel or a restaurant, such an issue won’t go down well with the guests and will affect the reputation of the place in the long term.

5. Sewer Smell

Needless to say, the smell of sewage lingering in the air is quite discomforting. And in the case of a commercial establishment, it can cause your customers, clients, and employees to distaste such an environment.

Such a smell can be caused by many issues, such as poor cleaning of the drains or clogs formed by the accumulation of dirt, hair, and oil. If such an issue occurs, try to detect the source of the smell and then call a plumbing service as soon as you can. 

Thus, regular and thorough cleaning of the bathroom is a must to prevent any such possibilities in a commercial establishment. Make sure you monitor the cleaning at times to ensure it’s being carried out properly. 

6. Water Temperature

The availability of hot water is another issue prevalent in commercial bathrooms. It is primarily caused by a burned component in the shower or a dysfunctional water heater or TMV

Sediments accumulating in the heating tanks in heavy amounts can bury the heating elements therein. This will obviously affect the efficiency of the heater and may even cause it to rust or get damaged entirely. Hence, the bathroom water heater needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure it runs smoothly. 

Note that the lack of hot water can also arise due to leakages in the tank or pipelines, so you need to maintain those parts equally well. 

7. Failed Internal Parts Of A Toilet

Commercial premises like bars and hotels experience an inrush of people regularly, which can often lead to malfunctioning of the toilets. However, this issue can be dealt with easily if you have a go-to plumber equipped with advanced plumbing tools to fix the issue quickly or conduct regular cleanups. 

Remember that you should never try to fix such plumbing malfunctions on your own, as a lack of experience can worsen the issue, making it more costly to fix. As mentioned earlier, the best way you can avoid such problems is by maintaining the toilets regularly. 

8. Broken Flush Handles 

Entering a toilet and finding the flush handle broken is undoubtedly an embarrassing situation for commercial as well as residential premises. As such, it can lead people to judge your business poorly. 

This issue can occur due to the application of excessive force on the handle and is often caused when children fiddle with it. That said, some handles might even come with manufacturing defects. You can deal with such problems by replacing manual handles with motion sensors or buttons. 

9. Leaking Faucets 

Another reason behind a marked increase in your water bills can be a leaking pipe or faucet in any part of the bathroom. For instance, the pipe beneath the sink may get damaged with regular use and start leaking. 

A leaking faucet must be repaired quickly to minimise such water wastage. Also, leaky faucets may cause stagnant water to form in the bathroom, and if it isn’t drained, it can cause structural damage to the space in the long term.

Gold Tap Leaking In Commercial Bathroom

10. Toilet Clogs

Though this issue isn’t very common in commercial bathrooms, it may occur in the case of premises that experience a regular rush of people. Extensive use of any toilet over the years may result in the formation of clogs in its drain. 

Plungers or plumbing snakes can be useful in such situations, but if the clog is much thicker and can’t be removed using these tools, you should call a professional. Again, the drainage system of the toilets should be subjected to regular checks to avoid permanent clogging of the toilets. 

Commercial Plumbing Issues 

So, that was all about the various issues you might face with commercial bathrooms from time to time. We hope you’ll now be able to identify the problem in your business premises and take proper steps to get rid of it. 

In most cases, you’ll have to consult a good plumbing service to get the job done. That’s why you must discuss with the technicians in detail the issues you’re facing. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t leave out the slightest inconsistency observed in the bathroom, as ignoring such signs might aggravate the problem.

It’s time for us to wrap up now. Do reach out to us in the comments section if you have any other queries about the topic. We’ll be more than happy to help you out.

Until next time, take care!

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