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Often, homeowners miss out on cleaning the drains as the dirt may not always be visible. Alas, backed-up drains can lead to disastrous results.

Drains are only meant for water and soap to pass through, but residents may throw other things down the sink. For example, you could be guilty of pushing food down the sink instead of fishing it out.

That is not all; hair, small objects, and grease often go down the drain and accumulate at a point. The constant accumulation can blockage, stopping or reducing the water flow.

Not to mention how the blockage may push water backwards, causing flooding issues. But there’s more — and today, we will discuss the detrimental effects of blocked drains and why you should get them fixed immediately.

So, keep reading!

Harmful Effects Of Blocked Drainage On Your Home

Blue Pipeline Blocked Fats Oils

1. More Mosquitoes

Blocked drains contain moist waste, which provides the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. You might see a lot of mosquitoes around the house, which can be dangerous as they are carriers of malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, and chikungunya. And once these start spreading, the entire neighbourhood is in danger.

2. Bad Smell

When drains are blocked for a long time, the waste materials start to rot, emitting a strong and unpleasant odour. The smell can spread all around the house and make it difficult to live. As a result, it can cause nausea and headache in people living in the house.

3. Damage To Foundation

Cleaning blocked drains prevents issues with the house’s foundation as soon as possible. When there is a blockage, it stops the water flow in the drain. The water can then seep into the bricks and enter the house’s foundation. If this happens for an extended period, you may face severe damages, leading to expensive repair jobs.

4. Slow Water Movement

Have you noticed that water moves slowly down your sink drains? This annoying occurrence could be because of a blockage forming inside the drain pipe.

The waste might not have blocked the entire path, making it less severe, but it could have caused a partial blockage. Hence, you might be able to take care of it without spending too much.

5. Water-Borne Diseases

If water accumulates on the surface for a long time, it can lead to various water-borne diseases as it gets contaminated with fecal waste, agrochemicals, etc. A majority of the diseases are caused by viruses, protozoa, and bacteria, which are transmitted by hosts that live in blocked drains.

For example, snails can spread schistosomiasis, while house flies can spread cholera and typhoid.

Apart from that, water tends to flow back if it cannot cross the blockage. This would mean the waste and sewage flow back into the sinks. This contaminated standing water can be breeding grounds for viruses and spread diseases among your household members.

Microbes and bacteria in the backflow can cause airborne allergies, making the house unsafe for living.

6. Pipe Leakage

When a pipe is blocked, the water that flows towards the blockage needs to escape from somewhere. If there is a lot of water pressure, then the chances are that the pipes will burst, and water will leak into your kitchen or bathroom floor. Burst pipes are dangerous as they can lead to flooding within your home or in the garden or backyard, possibly killing plants if it seeps into the soil.

It can be pretty expensive to replace damaged pipes in the plumbing system. So, don’t forget to call a professional before such a situation arises.

7. Damage To The Aesthetics

Blocked drains can increase the moisture level in the air inside the home. You might get a musty odour at all times, which can be problematic. Also, it can lead to discolouration and watermarks on surfaces in the house, messing with the aesthetics.

Tips To Try At Home

Pipe Sink Clogged Hair Debris

You can use some techniques to care for less severe blockages at home without calling in professionals. One of them is to use drain cleaning chemicals. Here, you may have to pour the chemicals down the sink and then allow it to remain overnight.

The next day, you can perform a test by pouring water down the sinkhole and checking if it flows at a steady speed.

Alternatively, if you do not want to use chemicals, you can try pouring hot water down the drain. This technique may melt the particles inside, clearing up the pipes. You can also use a plunger to clear out impurities.

If none of these methods works, it is better to seek help from a plumbing company. These specialists are experienced in clearing blockages, and they will get the drains cleaned in less time.

Why Are Blocked Drains Bad?

Stagnant water can lead to the growth of moulds and pests over time, which can be harmful to the health of your near and dear ones. Apart from health problems, letting the problem simmer can lead to structural damage. So, reach out to a local plumber and get a blocked drain fixed as soon as possible. If you need a plumber in Perth for your blocked drain, ensure you contact Woolf Plumbing & Gas. We guarantee fast and effective results!

Also, ask the technicians to check the entire pipeline for any other blockages forming. Once cleaned, we recommend using strainers in sinks to prevent larger particles from flowing into the drain.

And as a preventative measure, avoid throwing grease down the drain, as it sticks to the drain walls and traps larger particles over time, leading to blockages. But, if grease accidentally enters the drain, you must pour cold water immediately to prevent it from sticking to the sides of the pipes.

With this, we will be wrapping it up. Stay safe!

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